Which of these issues you encountered with your current hair replacement company?

When there is a problem, instead of addressing it they try to sell you something else, rather than dealing with the issue.

You're fed up with being given inexperienced and/or unprofessional stylists.

They fail to deliver what they promise, don't return phone calls and only seem interested in making money from you.

High staff turnover means they can't offer a personalised service because they don't really know you.

At HDC we have many long-standing customers, who have experienced some or even all of the above issues with other hair replacement companies before discovering the HDC difference.

At HDC we are committed to both attracting and retaining the very best stylists working in hair replacement today. This means you can get a stylist familiar with your particular hair and preferred style.

While other companies focus on how much they can sell and how much money they can make, we focus on what we're best at - which is providing world class service and customer satisfaction.

When you're ready to make the switch and discover why we have industry leading customer retention and satisfaction feel free to contact us.

We invite you to come and meet us and receive a FREE regroom of your existing system.

If you are in need of a new system then be sure to get in touch so you can experience the latest advances in bespoke hair replacement technology available only from HDC.